Morrisen is the Founder and CEO of YAAYEDU, an award-winning development coach that has designed and delivered global award-winning projects since 2006;

  • 2006-Barclays Zimbabwe Country Director’s Bronze Medal Award winner for developing and implementing a community project enhancing company brand recognition.
  • 2007-CSV Make a Difference Day (UK) Gold Award winner for the Best Global Skills Sharing project empowering the disadvantaged with life skills.
  • 2007-Barclays Global Chairman’s Highly Commended award winner for Corporate Social Responsibility project enhancing brand reputation and recognition worldwide.
  • 2009-2014-BSc (Hons) Public Policy-UK (2012); MSc International Development-UK (2014)
  • 2014-University of Birmingham UK dissertation paper adoption as sample work for future masters’ students
  • 2015-SAF-Teso Uganda volunteer of the year Award for successful grant writing and recruitment of global partners Starkey Hearing Technologies Foundation (USA) and Vitamin Angels (USA) to donate in Teso sub region, Uganda. (Starkey Foundation tested and treated deaf patients for free. 400+ patients received free hearing aids; Vitamin Angels donated vitamin supplements and deworming tablets for under 5-year olds (38410, 2015 stats) to Soroti Municipality.
  • 2016-Guest Lecturer at University of Wolverhampton UK, third year Public Health class.
  • 2018- Author of young people motivational book; SORTED!
  • 2018-The YAAYEDU dream comes to life!

Basing most of his work on understanding ethnic minority young people’s challenges, Morrisen brings together his academic, lived, volunteering and research experiences to craft discussions and seminars that always conclude with a practical, implementable action plan. His approaches have shaped young people’s lives in the UK since 2008. Morrisen is a Zimbabwean born and bred parent raising children in the UK; I guess that summarises the passion, knowledge and expertise he brings to the topics below.

Available themes in this series are:

  • How well do you know yourself? The starting point towards success and happiness for EVERY young person.
  • Understanding that ethnic minority young person you think you know-what’s the facts behind the behaviour you see? (Suitable for professionals working with BME young people)
  • Dating in the era of sensitivity and mass immigration-Is “cross dating the thing?” (Suitable for 16+ students and professionals)
  • Every child has their success destiny, how do we identify and grow it from an early stage? (designed for parents/guardians and professionals working with secondary education children)
  • Then and now; rethinking parenthood to align towards understanding children in the era of technology. (Suitable for all)

Furthermore, Morrisen can host inspirational panels, workshops and seminars on any topic, to any client group provided there is enough time to tailor make the presentation! He thrives on his elasticity and non-judgemental approaches to suit every topic!

Investment Fees:


  • £250 per assembly session for schools and colleges, delivering tailor made, researched inspiring messages to the target audience.
  • £250 per hour Guest Speaker session plus travel and accommodation for all overnight workshops. All content tailor made to suit audience. (Baseline accommodation standard is Travelodge/Premier Inn).
  • Event Master of Ceremony (less than 5 hours)-£350 flat fees anywhere in the UK!

Rest of the World

  • Client pays all expenses (travel, accommodation and visa fees).
  • £500 equivalent per hour of workshop/speech/guest speaking delivery. All content is tailor made to the audience with exceptional craftiness the world has ever known. Yes, a new motivator has entered the fray-the game will change starting now!
  • All deliveries have practical sessions for any bookings lasting more than one hour.

Morrisen also hosts YAAYEDU subscription members on 30-minute free mentoring sessions every month in “closed group members only” sessions. (see membership pages for details).

SORTED! The young people motivational book by Morrisen Mamutse (YAAYEDU CEO and Founder).

This book is vintage Morrisen Mamutse at his absolute best; witty, thoughtful, challenging, explorative, humorous and as always, offering solutions to challenges.

Based on immigrant young people’s integration, career and relationship challenges while settling in the UK, this book reveals thought provokingly, the truth that, in this globalised world we now live in, one child’s challenge should be every stakeholder’s problem to deal with. While it might look like immigrant young people’s challenges at first glance, what are the effects of the decisions they will make and who will be affected by them? That’s where it becomes everyone’s story because decisions these young people will make directly or indirectly affect, positively or negatively, all of us around the world.

Morrisen uses lived experience examples all the way through to give this highly recommended book a non-fictional standing which means the solutions need be taken seriously and implemented to change mindsets, stereotypes and myths about young people across all divides, race, ethnicity, religion, class, caste or ability.

Morrisen focuses on career guidance and relationship matters in this exploratively pregnant book. The book not only answers questions for the young people about which careers to choose and who to love, it offers step by step guidelines on HOW to be successful in the chosen career pathway and how to spot love, nurture it and enjoy the affair forever and ever resisting all tides and waves together. Also, he explores the themes about LOVE as a misused, understood and abused sweet word that should not cause conflict but happiness where ever its seen typed or said to anybody.

What’s the motive behind this book?

“It’s meant to make public, the discussions going or not going on in private about HOW young people can respectfully shape their world. The intellectual assets A.C.C.E.P.T for relationships and D.R.E.A.M I.T for careers are important discussions frameworks, implementable, yet not an end in themselves. They are contributors to discussions I want every household to have as they raise a young person because my child is friends with theirs in school, PlayStation mate on the internet, fellow choir member in Church, team mate in that sports match in the park! I am sharing common theme challenges and solutions. Our children deserve more positive energy now than never, in an era of fake news, terrorism, hate and crime always in their faces and ears!

As a responsible global citizen, I have just done my bit in publishing positive, uplifting stuff full of hope, confidence and trust that every young person is an achiever once they get the right support and environment to thrive!” Morrisen Mamutse.

Need I say more? No!      BUY THE BOOK here!